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An in-depth Taror reading via email

An in-depth Taror reading via email

WHAT: An indepth written report in response to your question that will icorporate answers from your Tarot reading and other sources (e.g., your star sign).

WHY: You would like a bit of insight but do not or cannot do a live reading session at this moment in time.

WHEN: You can submit a reading any time; turn around time is 3 working days. We recommend that you take at at least 3 weeks between the readings. This is so you can do your "homework" to engage with each reading. 

HOW: You submit a question via the website; the form will offer you an option of adding a few more details to put your question in context; it will also ask for your star sign and the Chinese zodiac (or year of birth)

WHERE: The reading will arrive as a report in your email box.

HOW MUCH: £15 per reading

By submitting this form, you confirm that you have read FAQ
and followed the recommended guidelines for asking a good Tarot questions.

Request a Tarot reading by email

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Your reading will be with you sometime in the next 3 days. 

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