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A good reading starts with a good question

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Best types of questions

What NOT to ask

  • Open-ended questions

  • Clarifying questons

  • Questions that support your personal growth and spiritual development 

EXAMPLES of good questions:

- How is my past impacting my current situation?

- What needs to be brought to my awareness right now?

- What do I need to be aware of moving forward?

- Which lessons am I currently working on?

- What needs more attention in life / career etc.?

- What do I need to know to handle a current relationship conflict?

- What can I do to improve my current situation? (at work, at home, etc.)

 - How can I tap into my true purpose?

- What kind of patterns are surfacing in my relationships? (at work, at home, with friends, in my thoughts/actions, etc.)

  • Future-predicting questions (i.e., fortune-telling)

  • Questions you don't really want answered (quite frequently, this is indeed the case)

  • Questions that already have answers 

  • When you are going to die

  • Questions about other people

  • Medical-type questions 

  • The same question, over and over again

  • Yes-or-no question

  • General/vague question ("just tell me something... anything")

EXAMPLES of questions not to ask:

- Does X love me?

- Will X leave their current partner to be with me?

 - oes my ex still love/hate me?

- When will I die?

- How/when will I meet my partner; what's their name? etc.

- Should I take this job / move to city X, etc.?

- Questions related to pregnancy and/or infertility, death or dying, medical diagnosis and prognosis, etc.

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