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Losing weight vs gaining peace of mind

Losing weight after 40 is HARD WORK.

We are told, there’s no way out of it. Ageing, low estrogen levels and a sedentary lifestyle make weight loss after 40 a pain. The most annoying thing is the appearance of the “middle age spread” (abdominal fat). It just wouldn’t go way.

Yes, changes in your diet help. Yes, staying physically active makes a difference.

But the truth is – sticking to a healthy diet and a stable routine of physical exercise just isn’t easy in your 40s. And even that doesn’t guarantee desirable weight loss for women over 40.

Emotional eating, lack of energy and motivation to drag oneself out for a bit of exercise…are familiar challenges for women in their 40s. You are overworked, underpaid, overstretched, super stressed…this is a perfect recipe for gaining weight.


Yes, hormonal changes and changes due to ageing may contribute to sleep difficulties. And yes, poor sleep makes weight loss in your 40s even harder. If you don’t get good rest, you are more likely to feel stressed and anxious and overeat.

But we can’t blame everything on or explain everything though menopause or perimenopause.

General stress and anxiety due to the many pressures faced by women in their 40s, do not exactly help us to sleep and rest well. Competing priorities and demands take their toll on your health and your weight.

Demands and expectations

The jury is still out on what causes us to gain weight in our 40s. Is it junk-food, being glued to devices, genetics, changes in metabolism…who knows.

What we do know is that life places many demands on women in their 40s.

Social media and the beauty industry want you slim and fit making weight loss in your 40s into an unhealthy obsession. Society expects you to be a perfect parent/carer/partner/worker and more. Where do you find time for self-care then?


Losing weight in your 40s is an admirable goal. But protecting your mental health should be a priority. Then other things begin to fall into place.

You may want to explore hypnotherapy for anxiety or some other type of therapy to address concerns and define new goals. A holistic approach to your wellbeing is always best. Weight loss in your 40s is as much about your mind and metal health as it is about your body and physical health. 


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