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Are you an apple or an orange…peel?

As a 40-year-old woman, you begin to realise that your skin is never going to be as smooth and firm as it used to be.

Good skin routine may improve the look of your skin.

It’ll look like the skin of a young and healthy 40-something woman.

Is that too painful a truth to digest?

In your own skin

The old saying still stands. Metaphorically and literally.

It feels good being around someone who’s comfortable in their own skin.

A 40-year-old woman who is at peace with her skin, is much better company than an anxious or arrogant younger woman. With or without perfect skin.

Do your age spots and wrinkles ruin your mood? Do they make you want to stay at home and not go out? Are you anxious about going on holidays because of cellulite?

It makes sense. It does take some adjusting to the reality of entering your 40s and moving toward perimenopause. It’s a major life transition.

A transition toward accountability and taking control of your life…if you allow it to be that way.

Eternal Youth

Our other option is to be sacrificing everything on the alter of Eternal Youth.

Eternal Youth is a mean goddess though. It fancies younger flesh, and laughs at our attempts to please her with our silly dances and bowing down to her in our 40s.

I may be spending a lot of time and money to get that fresh and tight apple-looking skin…

Meanwhile, the tree trunk - my physical and mental health, my mind and spirit - grow dry and dull.

Eventually, such neglect of the core of your being begins to poison the fruit itself.

The way forward

It is good to look after your skin. At any age. No doubt about that.

It’ll thank you for an occasional peel or a face mask.

Use the resources that are available to you to love your skin into better health and appearance. If it feels dehydrated, dry or sensitive - feed it with some moisturiser. Protect it when out-and-about in the sun. Consider how small changes to your diet can contribute to better-looking skin.

Just don’t turn skin-care into the sole focus of your life (and a major source of anxiety) in your 40s and beyond.

Beyond skin

Look after your whole self, not just the thin outer layer.

Now that you are in your 40s, do you still have time for stress caused by perfectionism or procrastination? Do you want to continue suffering from unhealthy patterns in relationship due to lack of boundaries.

Can you afford to continue with poor self-care and lack of sleep?

Surely, in our 40s, we haven’t got any spare time and energy to give away to worthless causes? (as we did in our 20s and 30s)

All of the above demands that we re-examine every aspect of our life.

Is it the way we want it to be?

Or life is something that just happen to us because we are refusing to take ownership of our life?

From orange peel to peeling away

Therapy can help to gently peel away the many layers of self-deception, doubt and avoidance that are trapping our authenticity.

Therapy supports our engagement with the deeper self. It offers a safe environment in which to explore our fears and concerns.

A space to set ambitious goals for the future.

For better relationships, health and well-being.

To arrange a free 30-minute consultation, please fill in the contact form.


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